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The efficient operation and facilities management of a building relies on accurate, high-quality information about the building itself.

In practice, this transition is often stuttering and disjointed. Instead of a seamless re-use of the data, there is a manual skip hire advice re-inputting. There may be gaps in the information supplied.

The weakest information interfaces involve building services and facilities management. All in all, there is scope for error and omission - leading to problems in the operation and maintenance of the building later in its life cycle.

Mckinstry Skip Hire Ulster Grand Prix Launches

TT winners Bruce Anstey, Michael Dunlop and Cameron Donald were in Dundrod, Co. Antrim today to mark the official launch of the McKinstry Skip Hire Ulster Grand Prix 2011.

Skip Group is actively involved in the development of information models for clash checking and proximity testing.

  • Structure in relation to cladding.
  • Lifts in relation to structure and electrical services.
  • Services in relation to structure and carcass.
  • Partitions in relation to services and building envelope.
  • Drainage in relation to foundations.
  • Health & Safety clearance spaces around elements.

The results of this work will be available for review on the web site.

Operating and maintaining a facility takes the biggest proportion of the lifecycle cost of a building.

The growing emphasis on lifecycle considerations through new forms of waste managment project relationships together with the increasing refurbishment, retrofit and renovation of existing buildings instead of new build is bringing the role of the Facilities Management (FM) department to the forefront.

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